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How we’re saving water at smak - because every drop counts

posted on Monday, February 26th 2018

As a business owner, it’s my responsibility to make sure that smak uses as little water as possible while keeping up with hygiene and cleaning requirements. It’s not an easy task for any restaurant but we’ve managed to make some changes that are already showing massive results.

smak restuarant feature blog

8 food trends you’ll see in 2018 - and how to include them in your kitchen

posted on Monday, February 5th 2018

It’s the beginning of a new year and I feel it’s customary to hop on the food trend bandwagon (or in this case baconwagon?) to add what I feel are the top 8 food trends that we will see this year. Who knows, some might even make their way onto the smak menu!

smak restuarant feature blog

Not everyone can smell asparagus urine. That, and other asparagus trivia you may not know.

posted on Monday, December 4th 2017

I come from a German and Italian family. It’s no secret that food and drink formed a major part of my upbringing, I’ve written about some of my history here and here before. There are some ingredients that have stuck in my memory more than others and asparagus is definitely ...

smak restuarant feature blog

Why you should grow (and eat) your own tomatoes

posted on Wednesday, November 22nd 2017

One of my favourite ingredients has to be the tomato. It’s delicious, extremely versatile and also happens to be really good for you! Few people know that the tomato is a fruit, although we tend to treat it as a vegetable when cooking because it’s more savoury than sweet.

smak restuarant feature blog

Three ways to use beetroot in the kitchen you may not know

posted on Monday, November 13th 2017

I really love cooking with seasonal ingredients, not just because I am a chef or a food purist at heart, but because they just taste better. I’m always so grateful that I can take a walk down to the Oranjezicht market on a Saturday (when I am not working at smak that is) and come home with fruits and vegetables that grew less than 20km away.

smak restuarant feature blog

Couscous - the food so nice they named it twice

posted on Wednesday, September 27th 2017

Did you know that couscous is actually pasta? I kid you not. There are a number of couscous varieties, but at smak our favourite to use is Israeli couscous. When we first tried it, it was love at first…. bite! Israeli couscous, also known as pearl couscous, is a large ...

smak restuarant feature blog

My guide to understanding coffee - the good and the bad

posted on Monday, August 7th 2017

If you’re anything like me, you drink a lot of coffee. And by a lot, I mean a lot. You’ve probably also had your fair share of java that made you cringe and others that kept you going back for more.

smak restuarant feature blog

The many reasons why cooking in a bag is a good idea

posted on Monday, July 10th 2017

It may seem like an odd thing to do, but cooking in a bag is a pretty good idea and an often forgotten art. But, thanks to shows like Masterchef Australia, it has become increasingly popular the world over.

smak restuarant feature blog

What every cook needs to know about the five mother sauces

posted on Thursday, May 11th 2017

It would be difficult to find someone who didn’t agree that a good sauce can vastly improve even the simplest of meals. I adore sauce and basically built a career around making it when Katia and I started smak.

smak restuarant feature blog

How going gluten free changed my life

posted on Tuesday, May 2nd 2017

The truth is, I was not aware of special dietary requirements and food allergies until I opened smak. Sure, at college we were taught about various dietary specifications, but I didn’t realise how important it was until I began interacting with customers on a daily basis.